“Floral Blossom” NEW COLLECTION

That’s right folks, I’ve decided to try out some new designs and as spring is in the air, a floral collection seemed fitting! I am making a range of jewellery and homeware items too after the feedback some customers gave as to loving the designs!

It is still working progress, so only a few items in Absolutely Crafty currently, but watch this space I am sure the collection will grow in no time at all.

Mad for buttons!

Its official, I’ve gone mad for buttons! Since making my button peg fridge magnets, I’ve had a jar of multi coloured buttons waiting to be used.

So today I have been playing around with them to see if they would make great art works. I made one piece at Christmas as a gift – so why not branch out.

Blast from the past

So I’ve been in Studio 4 since the summer of 2012, which seems such a long time ago now – but I came across few pictures of the Studio when I moved in. It seems to bare & so empty!

What a blast from the past!

It worked!

Excited to see how my new piece worked out, so I cracked open the kiln to have a peek! Looked great so I decided to take it out of the kiln and break it away from the mould. A really messy, but difficult task because the glass was a lot thinner than I expected. It was extremely tense removing the mould, piece by piece – so worried the glass would break. But it worked! De-moulded and in one piece, so I gave it a quick clean and hey presto! Few pictures to show my excitement!